Hi, dear followers!   Let's meet Nina and the tiny forever mouse friend named Miette. I'm sure you all remember who Miette is! I recidived and made another one at a customer's request! It's always so fun to see this tiny weeny thing come to life, stitch after stitch! Well, let's talk about Nina! At first, I wanted her discreet, sweet and shy; but as I was making her a hooded cape, a sort of animal instinct came out from her!!! I wanted fur for the cape - Nina was made along Maëlle's model, she she had a whit... [Lire la suite]
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    How I love this little doll! She's so soft, inspires so much happiness, calm and joy, that I had a great time taking pics of her!   With or without clothes, I'm melting at her super tender look! Just seeing her pretty little blond curls makes me smile.    She is a custom doll, stands 14", and bears the most adequate name: Clémentine! This lead me to add a touch of orange in her clothes, which enhances her fair skin and hair colour.   I invite you to come and view her photo gallery here. ... [Lire la suite]
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      The Little Bird approached, wiggling and singing
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    Quentin is ready in my Etsy shop, along with a custom order spot for the first part of May 2013   Quentin est prêt dans ma boutique Etsy; vous y trouverez également une réservation pour une commande livrable en mai 2013.   Warmly, / Chaleureusement   Sév
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    It's been a long time I wanted to use this lovely vintage name tape. We had it from my husband's grandfather who died 7 years ago; and you can see his initials H. P. H. is for Hubert which was his first name. I wanted to keep it for a special sewing project; and this is high time I take it out of its original box.
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      Quentin is a super kind big boy; he stands 22 inches. He can wear real baby's boots, but still needs help to learn how to walk!   What fun it is for little ones to change and dress him in real baby's clothes - sizes from 1 to 6M. To view more pics of Quentin, please visit here!      
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    This week, I'm working on a bigger size of doll, about 55 cm/22 inches. This one will be a boy, dressed in a vintage-chic style, I still don't know what colour his hair will be but I can already see his hair style. He's not a custom doll, so I will take my time to finish him. What a pleasure it is to work on a life-size doll, with life-size clothes to sew and knit!  
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  The hand puppets set is available in my shop, please visit here to view more photos.
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        I already told you I had tried my hand on a new style of dolls. Here is the first set I made during the holidays: Little Red Riding Hood and Not-So-Bad Wolf, a set of Hand puppets inspired by Charles Perrault's worldwide famous tale. I finished the wolf puppet today, and I love them so much. I really fell in love with Jill Hamor's patterns which are inspired by vintage patterns. They are not waldorf dolls, but still... I feel there is so much poetry in these dolls. And I so fell in love with... [Lire la suite]
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A last custom spot for June has been listed in my Etsy shop
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