Hi, dear followers!


I'm really happy to be back after some holidays with my girls, my husband and my family. I spent really nice time eating, laughing and resting... well, I must say that my head isn't totally at rest when I'm on holidays! It's even the opposite! But that's the time to pause and think about what's been accomplished, and sort out what's left to be done, isn't it?


I tried my hands on a new kind of dolls I had discovered a few weeks ago, and which really is super-cute! Sorry I haven't any photos yet, but the project shouldn't be long to pop up! It isn't a waldorf-style doll, to be cuddled, but mor of a puppet-kind-of-doll. I'll show you when the time comes!


I also took the time to re-think my blog, which you should already have noticed!!? I like the horizontal bar at the top, which I find is easier to use than the side bar. There, you can find links to my shops, to the flickr photo gallery, to my facebook fanpage, and more is to come! It's very practical, and ...simple!

I also took out anything useless, to achieve a simpler looks. Do you like it? You know it is a matter of style, and tastes; and this is my style of the moment!


Teeny Léa Collage


I want to show you the Teeny Kokeshi I made for my older DD who's 10. She's a dolls lover like me, and she can't resist cute faces.

I know she loves dishevelled looks, so I chose to use fur for the hair. Black was the right "colour" since she's not a baby anymore, and is turning more and more towards dark colours. Her mouth is a bit bent, as a little hint my DD's smiling face!

The fabric I used for the body top is one of her faves; and I had put some left to make a little something for her. She was really pleased with her doll!

You remember I had done another Kokeshi Teeny for my younger daughter, and I had put each doll in a fabric bag I made for my DDs to tidy their dance clothes and shoes. They were both delighted!


I plan to have an upload at the end of next week with the little puppet I talked about, and a Teeny or two. I also want to work on bigger dolls, to make them plenty of pretty clothes! I have a Little-Red-Riding-Hood idea that has been walking in my head for a long time; I hope it'll come out soon!


CU very soon my dear friends!