Puis la petite graine j'ai planté en jolie fleur s'est révélée... **** I then planted the little seed into a nice flower revealed...    


      This Teeny Boy will be available today Wed April 3rd at 3pm EST on ETSY. *** Ce Teeny Boy sera disponible aujourd'hui merc 3 avril à 21h sur ETSY.  

    I'm happy to show you my latest two custom dolls made on Miss Lala and Sarah's models. They are patiently waiting to start their trip to their new Italian home, which is not so far, far away I explained!      

    Three Teenies were born today in Les PouPZ' dollstudio; and a newly designed Teeny Girl is entering the collection! She and the red haired boy are customs. The dark haired boy will be uploaded in my ETSY shop today, Friday March 22nd at 3pm.   ***************   Trois Teenies sont nés aujourd'hui dans le studio des PouPZ; et une Teeny Fille fraichement créée vient s'ajouter à la nouvelle collection! Elle et le Teeny Boy roux sont des commandes. Le Teeny Boy brun sera disponible quand à lui... [Lire la suite]

   LuDivine is finished! She's ready to catch the morning train!
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      I named this pretty dress "Robe Jadis"; it is made of taffeta and satin.   "Jadis" means "past time"; it seems this dress comes from the past, from the 50's; it could be a pretty party or bal dress!   This model fits 12 to 14" dolls; I tried it on dolls from my own collection; you can view the photo gallery here!   This dress is available for sale here.   Warmly   sév

  A bunch of Teenies will soon be available my shop!   Here is a sneak peak:       See you very soon, with pics of new little friends ;)    
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    Astrid didn't want to show naked!   So I threw a crochet bonnet on her head, and put on a pair of suede boots on her little feet...   Astrid is a 15-inch ready-to-go doll who will soon be available.
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Here is Moiselle Ninon, with her pretty "big pompom" bonnet! I think it fits her little round head so perfectly, and hope it will keep her little ears warm during these freezing winter days! Moiselle Ninon is now ready to meet her new little moma under the Xmas tree!   Voici Moiselle Ninon, avec son joli petit bonnet "big pompon" ! Je trouve qu'il lui va si bien, et j'espère qu'il suffira à garder ses petites oreilles bien au chaud pendant les journées frileuses d'hiver. Moiselle Ninon est prête à rencontrer sa nouvelle... [Lire la suite]
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