Doll in progress

This little girl is now on my working table. Her eyes tell me to make her as pretty as can be, with a pretty ruffled dress and a warm vest to play in the outside autumn.   See you soon for more pics! :)  
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Voici la gagnante: / Here is the winner: Mme Ragot, félicitations! Vous venez de remporter un Petit Chat! Miaou Mrs Ragot, congrats! You are the happy owner of Le Petit Chat!! ;)   Merci à toutes pour votre participation! Bonnes vacances et happy halloween!   sév
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liste des participants au jeu Le Petit Chat

1. Samantha, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:48 2. mlle zouille, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:49 3. Jean, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:49 4. Sarah, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:50 5. Kristin, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:53 6. Lisa F, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:55 7. laura, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:55 8. flodesneiges, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:56 9. LaëtiCJ, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:58 10. Amy F, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:58 11. Sophieleb, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:58 12. molly, 23 octobre 2012 à 20:59 13. Kelly Fewins, 23... [Lire la suite]
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  Do you like Cats? I do! You want to win a chance to take Le Petit Chat with you, don't forget to comment under this post and leave your name! Oh... and just share this news wherever you want! The winner will be randomly chosen on Halloween Day! Good luck to you all!     Vous aimez les chats? Moi, je les adore! Si vous voulez gagner une chance d'emporter Le Petit Chat avec vous, n'oubliez pas de laisser votre nom ci-dessous en commentaire! Oh... et vous pouvez faire passer le mot où vous le... [Lire la suite]
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A custom Fairy Teeny...

  She was inspired to me by a customer who wanted a doll like this:   I was immediately enchanted by this idea, but needed some time to think about the feathers. I wanted them transparent and soft. See how this little one can move her feathers!
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PouPZ Studio

Here are some pics of the PouPZ Studio.      This is the place where all my dolls come to life...       There are three tables: one for cutting, one for sewing, and one for assembling.   Now that everything is at its place, some new dolls will be made soon!   sév          
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Playing Cinderella

Tidying is nearly finished. Pfew... I've been folding tons and tons of fabrics, I'm fed up with it!..... But I must say I'm so eager to sit back at my sewing machine! Seeing all these fabrics ans colours really inspired me, I should do this more often   :pI usually sorted my different fabrics into family colours, but since I had too many to tidy here, I couldn't ... and I discovered that piling the different fabrics with no colour or family order offers many many more fabric combinations...!
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News from Far Far Away...

Hi there! We're having a wonderful holiday in the South of France, where the sun is invited everyday, and ... so is the friendly wind to keep our cheeks and shoulders cool! Because I can't show you dolls photos, I'm showing you one important day my girls will most certaily keep in mind for a long time! They participated in a Most Beautiful Sandcastle Contest with two new friends. It lasted one hour from 11 to noon. How funny it was to see all these little sandcastle-builders running all ways to make their sand-edifice the... [Lire la suite]
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Ramon, Les PouPZ' new effigy ? PART TWO

The lucky winner wanted a boy doll with brown hair and green highlights, green eyes, and boy parts! I was happy to start making another boy. In the meantime, I was working on my new body pattern to give more consistence, firmness and roundness to my dolls. I knew Ramon would be in this trend, but when I started working on him, I realized I wanted to go further into my patterns improvements. The dolls I had just made had the new body style, with the former arms and legs. I loved the whole, but, I had this idea in... [Lire la suite]
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Ramon, Les PouPZ's new effigy ? PART ONE

Ramon? Who is that? Why should he suddenly become an "effigy"??? Let me explain you! First of all, let's introduce you to..... Ramon.     This little boy's features were guided by a customer's choice. I won't tell you the customer's name, but just note down that she was the winner of a contest on Les PouPZ facebook fanpage. R.A. had added her name to the list of participants last January. And, what a good idea she had! One day I contacted her to tell her she had won a 12" custom doll. She soon messaged me back to... [Lire la suite]
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