Hi, dear followers!   I'm really happy to be back after some holidays with my girls, my husband and my family. I spent really nice time eating, laughing and resting... well, I must say that my head isn't totally at rest when I'm on holidays! It's even the opposite! But that's the time to pause and think about what's been accomplished, and sort out what's left to be done, isn't it?   I tried my hands on a new kind of dolls I had discovered a few weeks ago, and which really is super-cute! Sorry I haven't any photos yet,... [Lire la suite]
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      Lolita is a 9" doll who was born this week in Les PouPZ atelier. She's a country style girl who comes with two outfits. The first one is composed of a flowery dress, a ruffled hemp hat, boots, and tiny bloomers; the second outfit is a flowery blouse with a large collar, and denim overalls. Lolita also carries a basket full of big red apples, to make a big apple-pie, her favourite! This doll, her two outfits and her accessories will be available tomorrow in my etsy shop at 9.30 pm (French Time... [Lire la suite]
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Here is Moiselle Ninon, with her pretty "big pompom" bonnet! I think it fits her little round head so perfectly, and hope it will keep her little ears warm during these freezing winter days! Moiselle Ninon is now ready to meet her new little moma under the Xmas tree!   Voici Moiselle Ninon, avec son joli petit bonnet "big pompon" ! Je trouve qu'il lui va si bien, et j'espère qu'il suffira à garder ses petites oreilles bien au chaud pendant les journées frileuses d'hiver. Moiselle Ninon est prête à rencontrer sa nouvelle... [Lire la suite]
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Moiselle Ninon

Here is the second doll I made this week on Miss Lala's model. You will see that Moiselle Ninon is a bit different! She looks more of a little vixen, as her future mama and papa wanted her to be! Her hair are simply arranged into a tail on top of her hair; this way she looks dishevelled. She is both feminine with her little flowery dress, whereas her large pants give her a casual looks. She's waiting for her shoes and bonnet, which will be knitted soon... TO BE CONTINUED!   Voici la seconde poupée que j'ai confectinnée cette... [Lire la suite]
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This week, I've been working on two little girls made on Miss Lala's model. Let me introduce you to the first one; her name's Nana. Yes, she is a conform copy of the original doll! What a pleasure to dive back in this model I particularly loved making! A lot of people loved this doll on facebook, and in my shops; and I thank you for that! THANK YOU AGAIN! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MANY MANY NICE WORDS YOU SEND ME! All this is so encouraging, and really push me forward toward new and new dolls. There will be other dolls on... [Lire la suite]
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Envie de dentelles...

  Je vous rassure, je parle de poupée dans le titre, ne vous imaginez rien d'autre...! Eh oui, une envie de dentelles, de lin, de noir et d'écru... Yû est née de cette folle envie de faire différent, un peu décalé, chic et bohème. Elle me fait aussi un peu penser aux femmes des années 20, avec leurs frou-frous, et leurs dentelles. Bref, je me suis bien amusée, et évidemment, elle a son petit compagnon, Mustach, son lévrier chic!! (voui, il porte un pull à col roulé et un gros noeud en satin!) Je ne sais pas s'il... [Lire la suite]
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Life can be simple with Maëlle and Miette

They were made one for another! Maëlle and Miette are now friends forever! Miette was made according to one of Fuzzy Mitten's cute patterns (http://www.fuzzymitten.com), and I love her! She's so tiny! To view the two gals' full photo album, please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/lefilensoi/sets/72157632059076142/#   Elles étaient faites l'une pour l'autre! Maëlle et Miette sont maontenant amies pour toujours! Miette a été tricotée selon l'un des patrons de Fuzzy Mitten... [Lire la suite]
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Taking advantage of the last autumn sun rays

Maëlle wanted to hat her little straw hat to take advantage of the last sun rays of autumn!     Maëlle tenait à porter son petit chapeau de paille pour profiter des derniers rayons de soleil de l'automne.         She will be available tomorrow in my etsy shop   Elle sera disponible demain sur ma boutique etsy
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The little girl I showed you this morning is now ready. I named her Maëlle, which I found to be a really soft name for such a sweet little face.   We decided on a white light cotton dress to take a few photos, and I quickly arranged her hair into two braids.   The little dress is vintage; and is part of the treasures I sometimes find on garage sales. This dress is a bit too large for Maëlle, but she doesn't care because she loves the dentelle trims on it.   Thank you for reading ! sev     ... [Lire la suite]
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