Astrid didn't want to show naked!   So I threw a crochet bonnet on her head, and put on a pair of suede boots on her little feet...   Astrid is a 15-inch ready-to-go doll who will soon be available.
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    To celebrate the 600 fans who follow Les PouPZ on Facebook, there is a giveaway to win GiGi here ! Good luck to you all! ************** Pour fêter les 600 fans qui suivent Les PouPZ au quotidien sur Facebook, il y a un jeu pour gagner GiGi ici ! Bonne chance à tous!  
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      This Teeny Boy will be uploaded tonight, Tuesday Feb 12th, at 9pm (French Time Zone), in my etsy shop.   Ce Teeny Boy sera mis en boutique ce soir, mardi 12 fév, à 21h, dans ma boutique etsy.   To view more pics click on the photo below: Pour voir plus de photos, cliquez sur la photo ci-dessous:    
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    As I was working on a new coat pattern, I took the chance to use some fabrics I particularly like working with: I used a large vintage linen sheet I hand-dyed a few months ago. I love its colour so much, but wanted to keep it for spring to summer sewing projects.       It is the same fabric I used as a lining for the latest Teeny Boy's hat.   I love linen. It shapes so nicely, and I must say... I love rough textures; I think it gives so much soul, life and memory to projects,... [Lire la suite]
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Available in my etsy shop!
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    Romane now has her comfy fully lined woolen coat and.... a tiny teddy bear friend! She found her cosy fur hat makes a nice bed for Petit Bouchon!     Both will be available today auction style, Thursday Feb 7th, at 3pm (till Sunday 10th 3pm) / aujourd'hui jeudi 7 fév à 21h (enchères jusqu'à dimanche 21h) on / sur HYENA CART .     (Please note I offer international shipping cost for 250€ in my shop Les frais de port à l'international sont offerts pour un achat de 250€ dans ma... [Lire la suite]
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Romane or the Little Snow Girl     Ever since this little soul came to life, I put a lovely, big, checkered blue ribbon in her hair. Between the first photos I made of her, and the latest pics, the ribbon changed to another one assorted to her dress, but it is still a lovely, big, checkered blue ribbon!! I knitted her snow dress in beautiful soft teddy yarn. It looks so comfy - I would like to have a dress like this for myself!! - and it fits her so well!   A nice pair of pink fur boots complete her... [Lire la suite]
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Today, I want to introduce you to my next ready-to-go doll. Romane is 16.5" and has long shiny curly mohair hair.     On this photo, she's nicely wearing a vintage dress of my collection; I adore this dress with its simple colours, and embroidered big daisies.     I wish you a nicest weekend,   Sév  
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    After a long, long, very long week's flu, I'm slowly coming back to my dollstudio. I'm feeling tired and exhausted, but as I turned on my laptop, and started viewing pics of lovely dolls, my heart cheered up, and strength is living back into me.     It's high time I show you Babeth's little ears, as I had promised last week already -time went too fast!         This little girl has been so patient, waiting for her clothes to be finished. She wears a springful coloured... [Lire la suite]
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      My Sweet Little Lamb. I named her Babeth, a traditional, yet lively French nickname. Why Little Lamb? Well, you'll soon discover her Sweet Little Lambs Ears...     See you very soon!   Sév
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